06 May 2013

Week End Espalier

This weekend's "big" project was moving and wiring up the espaliered apple tree.   Frankly, when it comes to fruit trees our thumb is closer to black than green, but we have high hopes for our espalier.  It has survived two years which is generally one year and eleven months longer than most of our fruit trees.  Do keep your fingers crossed.

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  1. Misery does love company. I too have had my chickens eaten and my fruit trees die. Fox got my chickens. I am on my forth year of planting apple trees. I only wanted a small apple orchard but this has become a burden of annual replanting. There are several different kinds of apple trees but they die some after one years but some after 3 and 4 years. I'm guessing it is a root bug of some sort. I've read that one plants and orchard for the next generation. I hope to live long enough to get at least a couple of pies out of mine.

    I gave up on my hair years ago. But I also feel bad about how it looks.



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