11 March 2013

Beans and Preserves

Several years ago we told you about a favorite recipe for tomato confiture.  Here's an idea of what to do with that jar of preserves or jam that you got as a gift and haven't a clue how to get it off the shelf. (Or, perhaps you are just an avid canner with a jar of something like tomato confiture, that needs a recipe!) 

Add it to dried beans.  We love a bit of sweetness in our beans.  On a particularly cold day last week, we found a bag of pinto beans and decided to cook them.  Instead of following a baked bean recipe calling for brown sugar, we grabbed a jar of tomato confiture and tossed it in with the beans and pork ribs. 

One year we had an abundance of apple based preserves and they were a lovely addition to beans as are pear, figs and peaches.   We haven't tried anything with berries in it but why not?

And while you are in the kitchen, back so cookies for someone you love!


  1. Great idea---I just happen to have several jars of various sweet preserves and chutneys leftover from Christmas.

  2. Between your post about collards and this about tomatoes, I'm envying you your southern weather. Here in the north of England, tomatoes are tough to grow. As for collards, we settle for kale.


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