11 May 2012

A Stove In Every Kitchen

This week at Remodelista, they featured a kitchen built for Prince Charles'  Prince’s Foundation for Building Community.  They have built houses for the Ideal Home Show for the past couple of years.  This kitchen was quite lovely and after having it built, the Prince urged the cabinet maker, Plain English, to fabricate the cabinets so they would be more affordable to the average person who didn't have a princely charity behind them footing the bill.  

All is well.  However...

The cabinets didn't interest me as much as the stove did.  I love the stove and after much research, found it is an Esse Ironheart.  It is a wood cookstove/heater combo.  How impractical is that!  Still, I HEART Esse.


  1. Impractical indeed, but my favorite stove in all my life was a little tiny 2 burner white enamel gas/wood stove with a tiny little oven.

    When I think about it now, I am amazed that I survived using it at 22 years of age....gas...and a wood burning fire in the same appliance, my god!

  2. Now THAT is a gorgeous stove. Only the English -- the originators of the decidedly, but wonderfully, bizarre Aga -- would design such an impractical, but splendid, stove. Want!

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