24 May 2012

God Save the Queen -- Part III

Happy Birthday Queen Victoria.  

England's longest reigning monarch was born 24 May 1819.  When she was thirteen, her mother, Princess Victoria, gave her a small leather bound journal.  On the first page she wrote:
“This book, Mamma gave me, that I might write the journal of my journey to Wales in it.”

From that moment on, she would keep a detailed journal that today numbers 141 volumes.  Princess Beatrice, Queen Victoria's youngest child, had custody of the journals.  The last journal was edited by Princess Beatrice who removed the last entries.

 In honor of her birthday,  Queen Victoria's journals have been released online.   It would seem that  they can be read until the end of June when the access will be restricted to UK computers...

 How rude is that?

If you want to check them out, hurry up and head over to the site.

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