07 November 2011

More Famous People with Chickens

Jane Fonda

Sam Neill

Self-Portrait with Chickens, William Huggins, 1858.

Miley Cyrus

Self-Portrait, Robert Rauschenberg, 1954


  1. i want to be a famous person with chickens. i have a back yard, an old farmhouse and a fenced space.

  2. Sound like it's time get a few chicks!

  3. My city home has a back yard and a chain link dog enclosure that I use as a chicken yard. Bought my Rhode Island Reds as babies, when I was on a driving vacation through Georgia. They traveled well. I took rest stops and let then play a little in road side grass. When we got to a motel that night I took them into the room. The manager came in to fix something and mentioned "No pets". I said I was an ecological contamination inspecter and those chicks were my assay for pollution. He never said another word.

    The girls have a traveling pen, a circle of chicken wire that I move from place to place in the yard and so they can scrounge for bugs. My carpenter built a house for them on a frame similar to a wheel barrel with two wheels in the front and two handles in the back. That way I can move them around so their droppings go into different areas of my vegatable garden.

    Listening to those girls sing, watching them take a dust bath, it makes my day. Ann

  4. Great photos on this blog. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  5. A self portrait with chickens isn't a good idea at all it's such a bore

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