13 September 2011

Root Vegetables

This happens every year. As soon as the garden starts to wane, I start thinking about the next garden. Last week I dug potatoes and onions and this week I was thumbing though a vintage copy of Alexander Dean’s Root and Stem Vegetables.

I just adore root vegetables. I have a green thumb when it comes to beets, turnips, carrots and onions.

My thumb is totally black when it comes to parsnips, one of my favorite vegetables. I am starting early, reading all the pertinit info so that perhaps next year, I will finally grow a parsnip or two. Till then, I’ll keep reading.


  1. I have Apples and Pears in the series - my books looks the same..but with apples and pears...

  2. I wonder if you have more info about these root vegetables! it would be so nice.


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