15 May 2010

Famous People With Chickens

Lady Diana Cooper

This past week, I have been suffering from dental difficulties and running a fever. On top of that, it has been cold and pouring rain. The other day I pulled in and before I could stop the car, my chickens exploded out of their house to greet me. They stood there in the driving rain getting soaked to the wishbones, but they wanted to see me. (Perhaps it was the fever talking...) still, they came out to greet me in the rain. I loved them for that gesture on such a miserable day.

Townes Van Zandt

Jamie Oliver

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Eleanor Mondale

Prince Charles

The Duchess of Devonshire

Martha Stewart

Dolly Parton (OK, maybe not but...)

Lucian Freud (OK, it's not a chicken...but still)


  1. I have a friend who brings in her fav chicken in the her house in the winter and has made special diapers for them and always includes her chicken in her Christmas pix. Still think you need to write children's stories from your animals points of view. Hope your body is better.

  2. Photos are all a little ferme ornee and I really don't know what Prince Chas is saying!
    I am sure you have the reality and also the affection that comes from animals well looked after.
    Hope get well soon.
    Best Wishes

  3. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this post---I love a writer who can encompass Elsa Maxwell to Beverly Nichols to dredging to famous people with chickens in one week. I bow to a higher power.

    On another note: I see you posted on my blog that the mighty Smithsonian sold the Barney House? Say it ain't so!

  4. One of my favorite decorators Bunny Williams has very fancy chickens, housed in a very chic coop at her country house in Falls Village, CT.

    a new visitor



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