24 April 2010

Guarding Our Egg Inventory

Teddy, having been raised by the chickens, is very protective of the eggs. He watches over them.

Counts them.

And can often be found napping with them.

And, when he is not available, Kitty Carlisle often takes over the watch,
though we have yet to have an egg thief venture into our kitchen.


  1. How fun!! Found you through Stefan. Love your site!

    Art by Karena

  2. Loved this. More about Teddy being raised by chickens, please. Still think you need to write children's stories about your animals.

    p.s. I have visions of Teddy trying to hatch an egg...

  3. Great!
    Do they hatch them too?
    Love it.
    Best Wishes

  4. Alas, we have no rooster at Doe Run Farm (they are mean!) so nothing hatches but kittens.

    If he needed too, though, I'm sure Teddy would step up and help out.


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