16 April 2010

Dredging the Run

You know what they say, "Life on the farm is kinda laid back..." Clearly "they" never owned a farm. Life on the farm is a lot of work, usually requiring equipment I do not have. So when I needed some dredging of Doe Run, I called on my neighbor, Lynn, who has way more stuff than I have (and who also knows how to keep his stuff running which I often don't, but that is another entry.)

To adequately dredge, the bridge had to be removed.

Not a problem! I was like a big old 5-year-old while all of this was going on. I just ran up and down the bank, watching the big machine dig in the dirt.

After coming up the creek to get to part of the run, there was a minor hose break or leak or something. There is still a bit of dredging to do, but it is looking about as lovely as a Chanel suit!

Even the chicken are loving it.


  1. ha ha ha -It is looking lovely indeed. It's great that you compared your drudged creek to that of a Chanel suit! ha ha

    post script: Off subject a bit, but whenever people find out that I'm from West Virginia they always assume that I grew up on a farm, as all of the residents of WV live on farms and wear prairie clothes. I think that's the first visual that pops into most peoples heads when they hear WV.

  2. Scott, it is funny. The first two years I lived in West Virginia virtually everyone I met in W.V. was from New Jersey, Pennsylvania or D.C.
    Everyone I knew from West Virginia was in D.C. in suits and ties!


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