29 March 2010

Slow Love Life

Dominique Browning has started a blog called Slow Love Life. The blog harkens back (or perhaps forward) to the title of her new memoir, Slow Love: How I Lost My Job, Put On My Pajamas & Found Happiness which drops in early May.

I find Dominique Browning to be a fine writer. Her collection of essays, Around the House and in the Garden, is one of my favorites.

She is also a fine editor (despite that incident with House & Garden). I am totally enamoured of church architecture and Houses of Worship: Sacred Spaces in America is another fave of mine.

While closing House & Garden SUCKED, I am looking forward to reading more from Browning on her blog. You should, too.


  1. I love the House of Worship book too. pgt

  2. little augury, you have such great taste in books... and other things, of course!


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