24 February 2010

More Mitfords

I recently did a post on the William Acton drawing of the Mitford Sisters which came from The Mitford Family Album. (I heard a rumor that there are place mats featuring these drawing. Has anyone out there on Mitford watch seen such a thing? I digress...)

little augury helped put the girls in order. Now I have found another Mitford question...

Over at Ancient Industries they posted this Nancy Mitford classic and wondered who the artist for the first edition jacket could be? Cecil Beaton, Rex Whistler and Osbert Lancaster come to mind... but

I believe it is Albert Roussel. Who is it little augury?

Today I received an e-mail from Amazon-UK filled with Mitford biographies and such.

A Life of Contrasts: The Autobiography Nancy Mitford (Vintage Lives) Hons and Rebels Diana Mosley
Nancy Mitford The House of Mitford The Sisters: The Saga of the Mitford Family

Then, Megan Wilson at My Book Covers (also Ancient Industries) posted several Mitford covers.

Both Pigtown Design and Mrs. Trefusis Takes A Taxi went gaga over the new Lab Partners covers for the Penguin UK re-issues of Nancy Mitford's novels.

Well, I just can't take much more. Well of course I can.... We do love those pesky Mitfords.


  1. Little Augury has no idea! and I wondered too. I am sure Megan knows-she just doesn't say in these posts! I love her Mitford covers, and I am tempted to get them all. Not so fond of the Penguin ones, are you- though I will get the one youve shown here since it is just in reprint for first time. Hope someone knows the answer. Reggie? HOBAC? Rosie?

  2. Check that-I see Megan's cover is the same Wigs on the Green-that's Mine!

  3. I have a copy of the Mitford Family Album that I bought in England more than 20 years ago, and which I have spent many an hour poring over, many times. It is a marvelous resource for those of us who have a decided weakness for those remarkable ladies.

  4. The Mitford Family Album is rather lust-inducing - it is a gap in my collection! I suppose it fetches a fortune on abebooks?

  5. check Ancient Industries current post- another in the very same mode and she sites likely by Roger Furse on that one-it must be the same. Let me know what you think?

  6. little augury: I am good with Roger Furse! Maybe Roussel did the American cover, I think it is different, but then I have never been a collector of Mitford 1st Editions, just bios.

    Water: Mitford Family Album has been going up in price, but every once in a while an inexpensive copy pops up.


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