27 February 2010

It's Snover!

Today is is the last of my snoeuvre.

If, and I'm beginning to think WHEN, it snows on the 4th of July, I will write about it.

At one point, the icicles reached to the ground!

Disgusted by the weather, Kitty Carlisle decided enough was enough...

...and tried to make a break for it. "Look, the car's packed. We have tunes, Sun-In, Tab and cat food...let's head for the beach."

The chickens were up to their roasters in snow...

...so, Teddy decided to invite them in to warm up.

It is rather beautiful, but enough.

Starting in March, we are writing about gardening!


  1. ha ha ha, I hope little Kitty Carlisle made a break for it! She's a very sensible packer. Every time I talk to my dad (living in Clarksburg, WV) he tells me about more snow. I think that my dad would gladly drive if Kitty Carlisle wanted to head to the beach!

  2. I shouldn't laugh so hard at your misfortune, but you are being a much better sport than some of my fanciest mid-atlantic friends who are just whining their locked jaws off about the weather (like they couldn't head to Palm Beach, for gosh's sake?--oh right...airports closed.)

    The really odd thing about this weather thing, is that while you get the mile long icicles we usually expect, winter just tends to keep on veering off toward the atlantic rather than stopping for a visit up here. Go figure. Sorry!

  3. I like the way the chickens are strutting their stuff. Bet they have great legs! Hope you get a thaw out soon. Here we see ground for the first time since before Christmas. Another system should arrive before weekend. My husband says it will be the last. Such hope may or may not spring eternal.

    I think you should write a children's story about your animals' long winter!

  4. I always love an animal's eye-view of the weather.
    They are so much more suitably dressed than human beans.


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