13 January 2010

Etiquette Wednesday -- Joan Crawford

“People are always asking me if there’s anything I regret, or would change.
The answer is no!”

Joan Crawford

Hardly anyone alive remembers Joan Crawford. I can hear you all disagreeing as we speak. Think about it. Do you remember Joan Crawford or do you remember Faye Dunaway AS Joan Crawford? My guess is the latter. I also know that there are a few of you that would rather lose a finger than use wire hangers, so let he who is without sin….

Truth be told (aside from what her kids thought of her), Joan Crawford was a force to be reckoned with. She was an actress who went on to be a formidable business woman in an age when few women would have entertained the idea.

In 1971 she wrote a manifesto My Way of Life that she presented as, “a script for a complete woman.” Here are just some of her tips so you too, can feel complete.


1. I wouldn’t have –or be- a houseguest if I didn’t know the person very well.
2. I stay out of their hair.


When I plan a menu I consider:
Color -- A red vegetable next to a yellow one looks unappetizing.
Texture – Creamed chicken and mashed potatoes makes too much mush.
Taste – Newer team two sours, two sweets, or two bitters.
Balance – Courses shouldn’t be uniformly rich or light.


People who have good taste are bound to make a mistake now and then, because they’re human, and when they do it’s a horrendous one.


When learning stops, vegetation sets in.

All very good advice. Now that wasn't so bad. Faye Dunaway should be ashamed.

Every time you drink a Pepsi, I want you to think of Joan Crawford.
If you drink Coke, you can think of those polar bears.


  1. Just packed Joan & the other Glamour Girls away until next Christmas.

  2. I do love her descriptive adjective of mush to describe cream chicken and potatoes. One tough cookie, I'd say. She is stunning in the first photo.

  3. Karen@ Junking in GeorgiaJanuary 14, 2010 at 6:46 AM

    two words: Bette Davis

  4. When people invite themselves to stay, what is the politest moment to tell them about your 48-hour rule-and-no-exceptions?!

  5. seeing Faye Dunnaway in mommie dearest cemented her "wicked" personality in my mind. then seeing in her in some movies as: the women (1939 -- i think) didn't help.

    i have to ask: did she really cook from the menu? or did her help.

    sorry, i'm still trying to shake mommie dearest with your help. but i am still scared of her.

  6. This is a cult classic. I own it, and think it's hilarious! Great for reading aloud, too. What a treat, this shd be in everyone's library...

  7. What a riot! And what children say of their parents - well, let's just say it depends on the stage your at. What about adorable Bing Crosby and what his children "revealed"?

  8. Okay - I'm showing off my age if I admit I have watched a fair share of JC films. As a teen & a young woman, I find her scary (What About Baby Jane?) but mesmerizing. I had no idea though she had written a book and it was fun to read her quotes. Despite her failures of a parent, she was a tremendous actress.
    Thank you this was a great read ~ deb


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