08 December 2009

Why I Live At The P.O.

In this Fall's ongoing beautification of downtown Shirley, we painted the Post Office. Like many small towns, the P.O. is more than just a place to get mail, it is a gathering place, an information center, and a repository of history. While I don't "live" at the P. O., I do work in the attached old general store. One day, I might actually move to town and live at the P. O.

Until I do, you might want to read Miss Eudora Welty's classic, "Why I Live At The P.O."


  1. Lucinda-right in the heart- Eudora Welty. I have this on tape with the author reading-that voice. Beautiful railings. Shirley is looking good.G

  2. What a delight, to be reminded of this tale again. I, too, heard a recording of Eudora Welty reading it.


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