05 December 2009

What A Difference A Day Makes

Friday in Shirley was sunny and warm (OK, relatively warm.) My excellent contractor, Jon, also doubles as the resident "guy" to do many of those boy-things I choose not to do and to be that extra pair of hands when I need him. We had planned for Friday to be "clean up the garden day." When he called at 9:30, the sky was overcast and I had little hope that we would accomplish anything. Within the hour, the sun had burned off the gloom and it was a glorious spring-like day. The plan was to move some raspberry plants and to remove dead canes for the blackberries. There was a lot of digging and toting to do. We moved about 50 plants, mulched them, and dead headed them for winter. Jon got the often persnickety tiller to start and I tilled the spot where the beans will be planted next spring. We moved the "permanent" bean trellises and cleaned up about a ton of debris. Kitty Carlisle and Teddy joined us in the garden. Teddy had a nice lunch of field mouse. A few of the chickens wandered in for some uncovered insects. A good time was had by all.

Yesterday evening, I showered, made soup, washed clothes, took Aleve and went to bed. This morning when I looked out the window, Doe Run Farm was covered in snow. We managed to get the last of the gardening done in the nick of time! What a difference a day makes.

All morning that song has been running through my head. Here's a fun filled version so you can have it run through your head.

Del Rubio Triplets -- What A Difference A Day Makes.


  1. Yes- but alas just cold rainy here in old NC- maybe tonight a bit of white (does the aleve help?-induce snow that is-or just sleep?)
    I clipped ginger and several Iris from the beds Thursday (rainy again)
    Love the old buildings-how do you get them to look that way? what a difference years make- la

  2. I, too, noted the Aleve. I take gel-tab Advil! I have two palettes of mulch on my drive waiting for that magic moment of leaves finally cleared, weather willing. This will not be the week in Kansas. Snow predicted and the weather is cold and windy. Your farm looks cozy under snow. Happy reading.


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