03 September 2009

Let me introduce myself...

Lucinda has been remiss in announcing my name, so let me introduce myself. I have been officially christened "Teddy. " There seems to be a tradition around here of passing on a name when someone passes.

Kitty Carlisle was named for, well...

Though I fail to see a resemblance.

So after much voting and a profound desire out there for some people to call me "Alabama," When Senator Kennedy died, all those "Bama" people changed their minds and demanded I be named "Teddy."

So it's official.

I was going to play you a "Teddy" tune but all Lucinda had was Teddy Bear's Picnic by some ukulele playing French guys. So when you listen think of it as the Teddy Cat's Picnic. It's right down there.

Teddy Bear's Picnic -- Ukulele Club De Paris


  1. I WIN!!!! I WIN!!!

  2. Teddy, I like your new name, congrats, I guess this means you are very liberal and support a public option. la


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