12 April 2017

RIP Lucinda Ebersole

Dear Readers of Lucindaville Blog:

I am sorry to pass along the sad news that Lucinda Ebersole passed away on March 20, 2017 after a three month fight with cancer.

She loved writing her blog posts, but, was unable to do so over the past several months.

I hope that you enjoyed the blog.



  1. I just read Lucinda's "In Gratitude" post:


    "There are no novel responses possible."


  2. I have enjoyed Lucinda's blog for several years. I'm very sorry to hear this.

  3. Very sad to learn this news. May she rest in peace. My sympathy to her near and dear ones.

  4. I always enjoyed news from Lucinda's corner of the world and her point of view. With sadness the world is less without her love for her animals, a good recipe, a stiff drink and the belief in the eternal P.O.

  5. I am shocked to read this and heartbroken. Lucinda's blog was my favorite, so many things she taught me over the years. I'd written her a couple of months ago and she never let on what was happening - so like Lucinda. Always thinking of others. God bless her.
    Rest in peace, Lucinda, you are missed.
    My sympathy to her loved ones.

  6. Thank you for taking time to let us know. I will say a prayer for all of her friends and family.

  7. Heartfelt condolences to Lucinda's dear ones. She brought me much pleasure with her blog stories and viewpoint.

  8. I have been trying to reach Lucinda. I'm so sad to hear of her passing. Thoughts and prayers are with her loved ones.

  9. So sorry to learn this. Condolences to Lucinda's family and friends. Lucindaville, with it's wide range of topics brought pleasure to it's readers and, I hope, to its author.

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