16 February 2016

Beachfront Property

The view from the front door.
I know nothing is more boring than the weather.  While about 98% of the time, living in the country is great, there are those other times. Many of them are in the winter. Aside from being cold and white, much of the day is devoted to the weather.

The last week is a case in point. We had snow. We had to make sure we had gas for the generator in case the power went off. We had big, fluffy wet snow...but the power stayed on. Until it went off. The generator keeps the pump working, it keeps the refrigerator running, it keeps the Internet and television on, but not the heat.

Power returned and we were warm again. But the temp dropped into single digits so we had to worry about the water freezing. Once it freezes, there is no getting it back on until a thaw. This week there was a seven day stretch of below freezing weather. So water dripped like some sort of Chinese water torture. We kept the water going, until the cold water in the kitchen froze. We opened the faucet and hoped that the bright sun would hit it just right and free up the water.

The sun worked. It freed up the water while I was vacuuming. Not only was the water line frozen, but the drain was frozen. When the vacuum turned off, one could hear the water pouring into the floor. After sopping up water, towel were left outside to freeze solid.

In an attempt to keep the water running, we opened the faucets more, but a plunge in the temperature froze all the water. Yesterday, the temperature went up, but it took a full 24 hours of spring like weather to get water back to the house.

The spring like weather melted the snow, then it rained. Now the property is flooded.

It will be 24 hours before the water subsides. So we are spending another day trapped inside. A lot of time is spent under the SAD light. Even if one does not have seasonal affect disorder, the dark and cold and wet will eventually get to you.

So, we haven't been posting, because hey, if you don't have something interesting to say, why post.  But spring is around the corner.

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