12 January 2016

Roll Tide National Champs

Yes, my team, The Alabama Crimson Tide are the National Champions.  That means there are just about 10 1/2 months before we start to worry about Auburn.

There was steak, because since our loss to Ole Miss, I have been cooking steaks outside, so due to paranoid superstition, the game day meal had to be the same.  I have a great ajvar sauce that I use for potatoes, a kind of red pepper ketchup.  I was at the end of the bottle, so it ended up looking a bit too Jackson Pollack in the picture, but it is the superstition, not the sauce that mattered.

Both Teddy,
and Trick took turns wearing the Nick Saban hat. It was actually a Christmas tree ornament from their auntie Beverly.

Not only was I adorned in my game day shirt, also from Beverly, but I wore my favorite elephant hat. Not everyone has a favorite elephant hat.  And lest we forget, this was my living room, not the Golden Globes.  However, had I walked that red carpet in my lovely elephant hat, I'm sure I would have been on many a Best-Dressed List.

And now on to break the Bear's record.  Roll Tide.


  1. Don't know anything about the team, but congratulations anyway on the win and the courage to wear the elephant hat!

    My gawd, that outside steak looked salivatious (I think I made that word up)!

    1. It was a good steak, but I must say, I was thinking cooking out in the freezing cold was a bad idea. Until I ate the steak!


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