30 January 2015

Requiescat in pace -- Colleen McCollough

Colleen McCullough died on 29  January.   She was Australia's best selling author, a neurophysiologist, and for us, a cookbook author.  She was boisterous, witty, and more accomplished than most.  So it was quite shocking and in profoundly bad taste that The Australian began her obituary, not with her remarkable gifts, but by stating she was "plain" and "overweight."  Screw them!

Several years ago we did our Cookbook Of The Day/Lucindaville Famous Food Friday on McCullough's Cooking with Colleen McCullough. Take a few moments to remember. 


  1. I well remember reading The Thorn Birds, a great book, and a rare instance of where the TV mini-series was actually as good as the book. What a love story, and a bright star in her crown!

  2. Whilst I generally cannot condone vulgarity in print, thank you for the well chosen response to the obituary writer. Colleen, beloved by two generations of this American family, was a rare gift and her talents far supersede those of the author of her obituary. Tell me, how many stones does that writer weigh? Have we a photo to judge that writer's plainness, comeliness? Has that writer published any novels that captured international audiences? What college degree does this same writer possess? Neurophysiology? I would further ask why the author is so bereft of judging people on their accomplishments rather than physical appearance...


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