12 December 2014

Maddie Goes Home

 She is officially Madeline Bunnymellon Collins.

After a long ride, Maddie was united with her new family. 

First, I stopped at the Post Office to drop off an envelope. She got into the trash and ate coffee grounds!  (I don't have dogs so I never thought she would get into the trash.)

She was a bit wired the first few miles as you would have been if you ate coffee grounds.

We stopped for gas and had drive thru burgers.  Her first burger.  She was so excited, I had to stand outside the car in the rain to finish my burger.

Chris was early as he was excited to meet her.

He had already gone to the doggie boutique to get her peanut butter treats.

As we passed each other, Maddie was now sitting in his lap, staring out the window.  She was spoiled from the start.

When I got home, the first night I looked out at her box to check on her and realized she was gone. 

Merry Christmas, Maddie!


  1. awwww..... she was waiting all this time for HIM....just him....she KNEW someone like him needed someone like HER. How much you wanna bet she is already an inside dog...and already sleeping in HISbed?

  2. So happy to get this news. Thanks for being the intermediary.

  3. Thank you for a great holiday story!

  4. Nothing better than a dog-to give, or to receive. Merry Christmas indeed! pgt

  5. Found this blog because I'm reading Mary Lovell's "The Sisters: The Saga of the Mitford Family". I was looking for a photo of "Decca" described in the book but not included. Cool blog. Glad Maddie found a good family. Wish I was allowed to own pets!


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