25 September 2013

Let's Eat Grandma!

Yes, its National Punctuation Day!  Let's celebrate one of our favorite books, Eats, Shoots & Leaves by Lynne Truss. 

Few writer's can make a subject like punctuation this entertaining...


The "web" is "literally" filled with gross punctuation errors some of them quite funny.

Sometime; even lowly "punctuation" wont help u.

And sometime's it can SAVE YOU FROM VERY AWKWARD situations.

ITS a dangerous world out there, so please use semi-colon's wisely.  And if your feeling the need, do correct this post.


  1. hahahahahahahahahahahahah

  2. I have a lovely little book that I have consulted many, many times over the years entitled "Don't Let Your Participles Dangle in Public." It seems that everyone is not of like mind when it comes to placement of periods in connection with quotation marks (particularly the Europeans), but you can see where I stand on this rule. :-)


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