31 July 2013

Food 52

The girls over at Food 52, Amanda & Merrill,  are in the process of launching a gigantic "pop up", on-line, grocery, kitchen gadget, kind-a thing called Provisions.  Generally we shy away from these things as our kitchen holds everything from a baguette guillotine to a Wesson Oil Mayonnaise maker. 

Of course, we couldn't resist looking at the site even though, for some reason, every e-mail address we have ever used was linked to this site and we were getting 5 e-mails a day announcing Provisions, even when they had not a provision one.  Now the site is live and low and behold, there was an item we had been looking for forever. 

It seems that about a year ago, I became obsessed with organizing my vast collection of canning supplies. 

In the process, I found a package of old Le Parfait jars.  They were still in the cellophane, but the top had torn and the lids were a mess.   I logged on to the Le Parfait site and found these great "home made" tops that I wanted, but none could be found.   No one in the US had them.  They had them in England but only with jars attached.  I found some in France and ordered them, but when my friend Anne picked them up, they were not the right lids.  Now I was on a mission!   I finally found the lids in New Zealand and the nice people at the shop sent them to me.   Finally, by last Christmas,  I had my jar lids.  

Now Provisions has a source for the jars with the lids here in the US.   I have also found a new source for just the lids.  What a difference a year makes. 

Now if I could just find where I put that possum-shaped ice cream mould.

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