11 April 2013

Sugar Bush

We often rail about the cultural stereotype of eating squirrel, sill, we are not adverse to those people who find pleasure in dressing them up.    So I was quite amused to find and article from the Washington Post  about one particular squirrel in my inbox.  Meet Sugar Bush.  Alabama fan and androgynous dresser.

While Sugar Bush is of the female persuasion, she is not adverse to a little cross dressing.

And much like that other cultural icon, Barbie, Sugar Bush has been everything from an astronaut to a

 nurse, which is easy to do when you have over 3000 outfits.  That's more that Lady Gaga!

Check out Sugar Bush's many exploits at her international web site.


  1. I'm so glad you included the website - at fisrt I thought it was a stuffed squirrel!


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