31 October 2012

Squirrely in Shirley

Last week was squirrel hunting season in Shirley, but these two fine specimens seemed to escape.

As you might remember, last Halloween we came home to find this October surprise!

As usual, I refused to take them in until several weeks later when Treat got under the house and into the heating duct.  I found him peering up at me through the bathroom heating grate.  Ann vowed to come Thanksgiving and help me get Trick and Treat to the shelter.   She arrived with kitten chow, matching bowls and spay and neuter money.   The rest, as they say, is history. 

So to Trick and Treat, the Halloweener Cats...

Happy Anniversary 
and to everyone else...
Happy Halloween 


  1. So cute. They must be good cats to let you dress them. I fed two barn cats and the rest of the story...I have 20 feral barn cats to feed with five fixed ones up at the house. I had them on birth control for three years but the funding fell through and the clinic in Connecticut stopped providing it. I do love them all. Are you snowed in?

  2. OMG! Did you tranquilize them?

  3. Notice they are literally backed into a corner. Being bundled up in squirrel suits left them a bit immobile. Treat was in a kitty size but really needed a full on spaniel size. I will admit, however, that the usually docile Trick hissed a bit when the suit was coming off!

  4. Hissing is perfectly understandable in these circumstances. Why is it that we enjoy those rare moments when we can humiliate and annoy our cats...getting our own back? lol! Thank you!


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