09 July 2012


 We got derechoed!

First -- everyone is OK.   But what a mess!

 Four large trees were taken out and blocked the bridge so we couldn't get off the property.

Two days later another large tree was felled at the gate and ...we couldn't get off the property.

Company was coming and the refrigerator was full... the freezer is ALWAYS full.  We lost power for four days as the temperature climbed to 104.  No lights, no water, no AC, no TV, no phone just the faint sounds of cats panting. 

Much of West Virginia went another 5 days without power and some still don't have any.  There are still parts of Shirley without phone service and we have been driving over the downed phone line.

We are still in recovery mode, but we will be back up to speed, soon.


  1. Wishing you all the best during this difficult time!

    It must have been quite a chore to get rid of all that spoiled food.

  2. There is nothing worse. 3 ice storms in 10 years have left us in the same situation only freezing instead of roasting. I live in fear of ice storms. In fact, last month we finally got a generator that will save us the next time. It will be worth it for the anxiety if nothing else.

  3. Gosh, that's terrible!

    Glad everyone is safe and I hope you were able to salvage some of the food. After reading you for so long, I imagine that you made something interesting and unique and that not much went to waste....hope so.

  4. yes, this has been a trial -and all during this awful heat. I hope you continue to creep along ok! xo


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