01 February 2012

Cocktails at the Burn Pit -- Juicer Edition

Let me just thank everyone who encouraged me to stay on the straight and narrow path to healthy living. Wait, none of you did that. You just want more evil and delicious ways to use my juicer. Bless you hearts.

Of course my ass is as big a house now. At this rate I will be adding a portico. Still...

Here is the recipe for the Greeny Lucinda. Since that tired old Bloody Mary is garnished with celery, we thought it only fitting and proper to garnish our Greeny Lucinda with tomatoes.

Greeny Lucinda

4 stalks of celery
2 small green apples
a handful of spinach
10 drops of green Tabasco sauce
5 drops celery bitters
1 ounce vodka (OK 2 ounces!)
tiny tomatoes for garnish

Juice the celery, apples and spinach. Pour into a glass. Add the bitters and Tabasco. Garnish.

Did I mention I am using a nice vegetable juice to make ice cream? Please, don't encourage me... maybe just a little encouragement...

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