08 July 2011

The One That Got Away

As I mentioned earlier, Teddy has a tote board of death detailing his prodigious hunting exploits this summer. (Though not as great as some of our readers cats -- yes you J.W.) On the Fourth, Teddy came running in and missed seeing his catch which he released in the living room only to recapture in the kitchen.

Since the chipmunk was still very much alive, I managed to capture Teddy and his prey and preceded to make Teddy give up little Simon. Just as Teddy let go and Simon made a break for it, Kitty Carlisle took over.

I managed to block her path as Simon scurried up the lilac bush.

I locked up both chipmunk offenders and made sure Simon had recovered sufficiently. After posing for the camera, he jumped to the oak tree and lived to fight another day.


  1. My cat sends his regards to Teddy and Kitty Carlisle, along with the following message..."Tomorrow is another day!"

  2. that squirrel looks so cute, there's no doubt about it!


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