29 October 2010

Halloween = Nothing Dies

I was talking to my BFF Beverly the other day and she said she had to run because Lawrence Welk was on.

Odd -- as it is 2010 not 1958.

I remember looking after my great aunt and uncle and every Saturday, we watched Lawrence Welk.

Again -- this was 1999 and not 1958. Yes, we partied like it was 1999... to the accordion stylings of Myron Floren (not what Prince had in mind).

I did some checking and it seems The Lawrence Weld Show started in 1951 as a local show, moved to ABC in 1955 and moved to syndication in 1971 ending its run in 1982. Ten years later, Lawrence Welk died.

The marvel of technology, however, ensures that nothing dies. (And you thought only vampires could provide eternal life.) Today, The Lawrence Welk Show is alive and kicking on PBS Stations around the country.

Enjoy the Lennon Sisters...and be very careful what you put on YouTube... as you might just never die...


  1. Yes, that's horrifying, all right, although not, perhaps, in the way they intended. No wonder the Russians wanted to bury us.

    Actually, I love Lawrence Welk. Except for Dragnet, it's the only show I can think of with two different fan bases: one--made up of people like my dad--watches it for the musical stylings of favorite songs, and the other watches it for its unintentional cheesy comedy. I'm in the second group, but even I can only take it in small servings. If this show took a cholesterol test, it would be off the charts.


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