12 August 2010

Snake at the PO

William Blake, Eve Tempted by the Serpent, 1799-1800

Yesterday a snake got into the post office. Alas, he received no mail.

He was no anaconda, Still, he upset Nelda, the Post Mistress, and would have caused problems for anyone trying to get to the mailboxes as he was fond of striking out at anything that ventured into the PO. I was called in to dispatch him. Nelda pinned him with broom and I sent him home to Eden with an even bigger broom.


  1. For me this is what nightmares are about....I am on the verge of having post traumatic stress just reading about it!

  2. Boy! do I hate snakes any kind. What kind was it.?? I had a friend that moved into a new condo in Florida. She sat on the toilet and there was a snake. ""FEET DO YOUR STUFF"". I would be long go and demand my money back and move to Maine ..We are like Ireland NO snakes...yvonne


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