23 July 2009

Kitten Redux -- Name That Kitten

Well, the kitten has survived the week. Last night she followed the chickens to their house when night fell, but it is too little to get into the chicken house and too skittish to pick up.

It is still munching down on the old zucchini, and no doubt thinking, "Surely there is something better for us chickens to eat."

I managed to pick it up yesterday, but held it a bit too long and it chomped my finger.

It is so small I cannot tell its sex yet. But we are up for taking names.

It was a year before Kitty Carlisle got her name and that took the death of, well, Kitty Carlisle.

So, send us you name ideas....


  1. I vote for Ashley (good for either male or female).

    Very cute photos except for the one where s/he looks like it is in attack mode!

  2. I just got a kitten too! The name possibilities inclde Tractor (because she mows down everything), Indio, Basil and Gomez. I'm leaning towards Indio...
    I think yours should be Tractor because shes a farm cat. Or Col. Sanders.
    She's beautiful!!! Is she feral? Where did she come from??

  3. Zsa Zsa, Pat the Cat, Munchies, Egg, Mower, Alabama, Spätzel, Grandmaster Flash, David Bowie


  4. Wildly feral, though I have picked it up twice. Once it bit my finger. I think it might be a boy, but still a bit too little to tell. It has been coming on the porch at night to sleep.

  5. of the name suggestions, I like "Egg," "Mower," "Alabama"--Bama for short

  6. In keeping with your practice of naming kitties after deceased media icons, my husband suggests "Walter CronCat"; Uncle Wally as a nickname.

    I like like "Bama", too.


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