20 June 2009

Fleur Cowles

"I want Flair magazine to be considered my obit. And
that'swhat I want to be remembered by forever.
Nevermind any other thingI may have done.
It's Flair that really reflects me."

Fleur Cowles

Fleur Cowles' death was reported earlier this month. As she requested, she will be remembered for her magazine, Flair. Published for a mere 12 issues, from February 1950 to January 1951, Flair caused a sensation with its innovative coverage of décor, fashion, travel, and literature.

Fleur Cowles with Cecil Beaton

Cowles knew everyone. In her 1996 memoir She Made Friends and Kept Them there are over 1000 names in the index. That same year, HarperCollins published a few thousand copies of The Best of Flair. The print run sold out in a few weeks, even with the rather steep price tag of $250

Fleur Cowles with Kitty Carlisle Hart

While Flair is her most famous creation, Cowles was a prolific writer, producing 16 books. As a painter, she amassed more than 40 exhibitions in galleries and museums around the world.

Fleur Cowles was 101. Perhaps that longevity can be ascribed to her ever inquisitive mind as she once said, "I have an idea a minute."

Something to strive for!

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  1. Thanks for the photos; fascinating woman!

    I own a print by her, and it never being fun to view.


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