22 September 2012

Canning Jar Closet

 After nearly finding myself crippled from building these steel shelves in a way to small space, I was finally able to place the canning jars in their new home.

Needless to say, they are just a tad to get to.  Finding the right jar is a bit like playing one of those childhood games where one moves the squares around to make a picture.

But here they are in all their canning glory.  Now we just need a confiture closet for the filled jars!


  1. I'm impressed. Love to see others who can. I just found a new place to store all my canned goods which makes me so happy because my pantry is too full.

  2. I'm ENVIOUS - and inspired. Have been scheming how to store our canning and storage jars.

  3. i have a rolling baking proofer, which I can see as a canning storage space........I use it in the garage......so think that I may be able to store the filled jars there as well.......in Georgia, I have not had jars freeze in the garage!!!! Thanks so much!!!!!

  4. Love this! What brand/size plastic bins are these? Thanks!


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