16 August 2012

Downton Abbey Alert

It will be a full four months before the third season of Downton Abbey, but that cannot stop die-hard fans.  Over at Vulture, they have a fan made trailer (spoiled by a thirty second commercial for a video game with fighting aliens, which is a perfect mesh for Abbey fans who want nothing more than to don Edwardian garb, make high tea, and shoot aliens from their Xbox... but I digress...) featuring the arrival of Shirley MacLaine and a bit of fan laughter in the middle.  Still it is a glimpse of Downton to come...


  1. Oh thank god! I was afraid there wouldn't be anymore. I'm more than willing to wait four months for another trip back there. Thank you for telling me that - and the clip, fun!

    And by the way, lovely picture of you with dear Julia. That was a special treat. Wonder what she would have wanted to eat for her 100th.


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